Sloat Restoration through Managed Retreat

Sloat Restoration through Managed Retreat
This is our original vision for Sloat Restoration - graphic courtesy of PSA and Associates and the Ocean Beach Task Force

Our Vision of Beach Restoration and Preservation

We advocate a managed retreat strategy to restore both Ocean Beach south of Sloat and Sharp Park. At Sloat, our vision involves:

A long-term plan to relocate threatened infrastructure
(including the south of Sloat Great Highway, the two oceanside parking lots and the sewer lines underneath them).

The cleanup of all the rock and rubble littering the beach.

The use of sand dunes as the primary tool to slow erosion.

For Sharp Park, we advocate the decommissioning of the golf course, the removal of the rip-rap berm, and a full restoration of the wetland.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Sharp Park Action Alert / Sloat LCP Re-Cap

The beach in front of Sharp Park Golf Course: under threat from coastal armor.

Seasons Greetings Surfriders,

Thanks to all who attended the LCP public workshop last month and/or have submitted comment letters. In the LCP process, Surfrider continues to advocate for 3 basic items:

1. Managed retreat of threatened infrastructure south of Sloat
2. The removal of rock and rubble from the shoreline
3. Sand dune replenishment to preserve the beach.

***Breaking News for the Restore Sharp Park Campaign***

Wild Equity, lead organization in the effort to restore the Sharp Park wetland, has just announced a pair of events this month.  

On December 15th at the San Francisco City Hall re: Planning/Rec and Park Commission Approval of the Sharp Park Golf Course Redevelopment Project's EIR. For more details on the hearing, see

We need people to show up to urge rejection of the golf course redevelopment plan.  By re-investing in the greens at Sharp Park, it will not be long before a seawall expansion project is proposed to protect the links from the surf.  

The other event is an education tour of the Sharp Park site on December 11. Come learn about the endemic flora and fauna of the Sharp Park wetland and hear about the campaign to restore the area.   See 

At Sloat and Sharp Park, seawalls have wreaked enough havoc along our beaches.  Please attend the December 15th hearing and/or send in comment email letters to SF Planning at

Thanks for checking in!

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