Saturday, December 17, 2011

Public Comments on the Draft Ocean Beach Master Plan Released

Dear Surfriders and Friends,

Public comments from the Draft Master Plan are now available on SPUR's website

Thanks to all who submitted comments. There were some excellent points made as well as some unique and creative ideas. As for the issue of Sloat, a common theme emerged: There is widespread support for a managed retreat approach to the erosion issue. While some folks expressed skepticism and doubt about the cobble berm idea proposed by SPUR, most supported a clean up of the rubble and restoration of the shoreline. Many cited the need to have robust sand dune construction by the Army Corps. These are all concepts supported by Surfrider.

On the critical front, there was significant concern about traffic impacts caused by the re-routing of the Great Highway around the back of the zoo, especially at the Sloat intersection. This is absolutely a legitmate concern. We will work to see that this issue is addressed by SPUR as the draft gets fine tuned.

Thanks again to everyone for staying engaged with the Sloat issue and participating in the SPUR Ocean Beach Master Plan. Have a happy holiday season!

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