Friday, December 9, 2011

Alert: Restore Sharp Park Effort Needs Help NOW!

The Disappearing Beach At Sharp Park

Dear Surfriders and Friends,

This week the San Francisco Board of Supervisors narrowly passed legislation that would enable Sharp Park's golf course to be restored to the coastal wetland it once was. Our chapter strongly supports this legislation which will lead to the removal of a large rock revetment from the beach. Despite the vote by the board, newly elected Mayor Ed Lee is threatening to veto the legislation. Please call Mayor Lee's office Monday December 12 and December 13 9-5pm at Telephone: (415) 554-6141 Calls are most effective at this late stage. Thanks! For more info visit:


  1. thank you for this alert! this is such an important piece of legislation, mayor ed lee would be making a serious mistake not voting on the merits of this legislation, let's hope cronyism doesn't topple common sense!

  2. Whoa, that water sure is close to those cliffs. I'm sure soil erosion will soon be a problem if nothing gets done.