Wednesday, June 8, 2011

SPUR Public Workshop #2 Report

A new erosion hotspot? Ortega Street, early June 2011.

Dear Surfriders and Friends,

The SPUR public workshop went really well. Attendance was great despite the pouring rain.

Here’s a basic report:

SPUR opened the meeting by giving attendees an overview of Ocean Beach’s sand transport system, wastewater infrastructure and the erosion challenge. Then, several test case scenarios were presented showing the results of different approaches to addressing erosion and beach management. The test cases served to demonstrate the different issues involved in long term planning at Ocean Beach. For example, one scenario demonstrated what the beach would look like over the next 100 years if we were to prioritize infrastructure protection above all other issues. Naturally, with this approach, most of the southern section of Ocean Beach was wiped out, with the shoreline and dunes getting replaced by a seawall and quarry stone revetments. Another test case showed what the future would look like if we were to use habitat conservation as the dominant priority. In such a scenario we would have to relocate not only the wastewater tunnel and the Great Highway, but also part of the neighborhood along the Lower Great Highway (at mid-beach) would have to be returned to the sand. Other models showed what would happen if we were to use green infrastructure or recreational opportunities as the prime drivers. The results of these approaches showed various degrees of Managed Retreat, but with their own pluses and minuses. SPUR wants to remind everyone that these test scenarios were not actual proposals, but tools for the public to glimpse the different issues, challenges, strengths and weaknesses inherent in any long term master plan.
During the last section of the workshop, the attendees split up into break-out session groups. Each group was charged with drafting their own ideal Master Plan for the next 100 years. The hypothetical results shown in the various test scenarios sparked a very lively planning session. At the end of the meeting, the beak-out groups’ draft plans were collected by SPUR and will serve to provide feedback and direction in formation of the final Ocean Beach Master Plan. A Draft Master Plan is the next step in this process. Check out SPURs website for all the details and/or to provide additional input.

Thanks to all who attended!

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