Monday, June 20, 2011

Great Highway Sand Management News

Dear Surfriders and Friends,

Good news to report. This morning, SFDPW is addressing the issue of blowing sand that has led to recent closures of the Great Highway's southbound lanes. An excavator and at least one pair of plows will be used to relocate a sandy berm that has been building up at Noriega over the last few years. Sand from the berm has been blowing right onto the highway and into the shrubbery across the street. We contacted Frank Filice of DPW to find out if the sand could be used to cover the exposed armor at Noriega St. Good news. Indeed, that is the plan. In fact, the Agency is also working with the National Park Service to cover the exposed armor at Ortega Street as well. We applaud this effort as a short term measure to preserve our beach while reducing the pressure to armor.

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