Sloat Restoration through Managed Retreat

Sloat Restoration through Managed Retreat
This is our original vision for Sloat Restoration - graphic courtesy of PSA and Associates and the Ocean Beach Task Force

Our Vision of Beach Restoration and Preservation

We advocate a managed retreat strategy to restore both Ocean Beach south of Sloat and Sharp Park. At Sloat, our vision involves:

A long-term plan to relocate threatened infrastructure
(including the south of Sloat Great Highway, the two oceanside parking lots and the sewer lines underneath them).

The cleanup of all the rock and rubble littering the beach.

The use of sand dunes as the primary tool to slow erosion.

For Sharp Park, we advocate the decommissioning of the golf course, the removal of the rip-rap berm, and a full restoration of the wetland.

Friday, January 29, 2010

OB since 1972.

check out the California Coastline Website to see photos of the coast from 1972 to 2009. You can see the coastal armoring that has been added to the coast over time.

Here is a link to the coastline south of Sloat at OB:

Click on the dates to see old photos of OB --

OB at Sloat in 1972.

OB at Sloat in 1987.

OB at Sloat in 2009.

ALSO, checkout ROCK armoring in Santa Cruz and in Pacifica.

this website is amazing.

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