Saturday, April 22, 2017

New Sloat Petition / Public LCP Meeting May 2

The Sloat erosion area was battered by winter storms this year. Thankfully, no rock armor was added onto the beach. The pre-winter sand replenishment project may have helped in this regard.

Greetings Surfriders,

Happy Earth Day! 

As the Restore Sloat campaign hits the final stretch, we have a new petition for all to sign.

The purpose is to underscore our goals for Sloat restoration as the City finalizes the details of its erosion control project for the area. The design will be based upon the recommendations found in the Ocean Beach Master Plan.  We will continue to call for maximizing relocation of all threatened structures, even the Lake Merced Tunnel. The more beach area that we can secure for restoration, the greater the chance we have to maintain a sandy shoreline for the future.

More News: SF Planning has just added a public workshop for the LCP amendment May 2 6-8pm at the Ortega Library (3223 Ortega Street at 39th Ave). Please attend if you can.  There may be a discussion regarding south of Sloat road consolidation and realignment as well as options for temporary parking. 

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  1. What about the buried wall to protect the Lake Merced Tunnel's most vulnerable places? Support or oppose? What will it cost to move vulnerable infrastructure per your plan? Awaiting "imminent" harm is impractical; it takes many months of planning and work to do other than dump rock for protection.

    1. We are awaiting the release of an alternatives analysis report by SFPUC which will answer these vital questions. A long-term plan to solve the erosion issue has been in the works since 2011 via the Ocean Beach Master Plan process. Please see: for more info. This is currently the preferred project alternative due to be implemented by 2021. We believe relocating the tunnel could be a superior option due to the projected effects of climate change and sea level rise.