Saturday, March 17, 2012

Dear Surfriders and Friends,

The final Ocean Beach Master Plan was originally scheduled to be released March 15, but will be delayed until sometime in April. SPUR is busy re-writing the final document to have them better prepared to move through the city bureaucracy. Also, due to the preparations of the final Master Plan, there has not been any significant movement yet on the feasibility study of the Sloat recommendation. Do stay tuned...

In other news...

Right when we thought we were safe from any more erosion events this year, a chain of storms comes barreling though the Bay Area. Today, Saturday, March 17, we performed a site inspection at Sloat. Luckily, the shoreline did not experience any significant erosion. The new sandbags also held up fine. We did, however, see some loss of sand material underneath the edges of the pavement. During big rain events, erosion also occurs from the bluff top downward due to runoff spilling over from the road. In any event, please be extra careful when checking/entering/exiting the surf!

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