Friday, February 12, 2010

long-term solutions.

Bob Battalio is a big wave surfer and expert on the coastal processes at Ocean Beach. Bob has been working with SF Surfrider and Save the Waves to help educate the public and DPW on the best solution for the erosion at Sloat.

The following presentation was given by Bob at the Community Meeting at the Park Chalet a few weeks ago - it describes some of the history at Sloat and proposes a long-term design for the future (Slide 19). Slide 19 shows a drawing of what South of Sloat would look like with dune restoration and coastal retreat. Restoring the coastal dunes and condensing the Great Highway (two-lanes to one-lane) would allow for the beach to naturally retreat (but maybe not enough) along that section of the coastline - hopefully this would relieve some the coastal erosion problems.

We need a LONG-TERM erosion plan for OB and these are the type of design ideas that we would like to see proposed at OB - not rock walls and seawalls.

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