Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Sharp Park / LCP Action Report

A glimpse of Sloat restoration appears at the north parking lot.

Greetings Surfriders,

We have success to report for Sharp Park!  SF Rec. and Park agreed to drop some of the golf course flood control measures from the Significant Natural Resources Area Management Plan's Final Environmental Impact Report (SNRAMP FEIR).  In kind, Surfrider along with the coalition lead by Wild Equity withdrew our appeal of the document. Thank you once again to all who sent in comment letters or attended the hearing at the SF Board of Supervisors.

Look for continued efforts to restore the Sharp Park wetland in the future.  By removing the need for a seawall, we can protect the last wide stretch of beach in north Pacifica.   

Update re: SF Rec. and Park's seawall issue.  The Coastal Commission has set June 18, 2017, as a deadline to rule on the fate of the city's response to justifying the 2013 revetment "maintenance" work (see March 2013 blog post for story).  We'll report on the verdict when we get the news. 

Restore Sloat Update: LCP Amendment Introduced at SF Planning Commission

On March 2nd, SF Planning initiated their draft amendment for updating zoning plans for erosion management south of Sloat and greater Ocean Beach.  We will continue to ask for a clear language for removing rubble and using long term managed retreat planning for Ocean Beach. Without additional space for the beach to migrate landward, sand dune nourishment cannot be effective. Sea level rise and climate change will bring accelerated erosion. Thanks to all who have sent in comments on this very important document.  Look for another round of public commentary on the LCP Adoption Hearing April 13th.  For more details, see SF Planning's LCP Amendment website. We'll have more to say on this in next month's post.

Thanks for checking in...