Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Wave of Good News

Fall conditions have returned to Ocean Beach.

Greetings Surfriders,

Great news! The permit for SF to use sand backpassing and emergency sandbags was accepted  by the Coastal Commission. Thanks to all who helped with this effort.  We can all breath a bit easier now as our winter storms begin to roll in.

In other news, SF Baykeeper has just won their appeal of the sand mining permits. As we have covered in previous posts, the permits would have allowed for more sand to be extracted from SF Bay than comes in, resulting in a net loss to the system. Thanks to SF Baykeeper for highlighting the connection between our bay-delta sand supply and its role in sustaining on our beaches!

Finally, the Coastal Regional Sediment Management Plan (CRSMP) has been re-booted.  As a reminder, the CRSMP is collecting information on coastal erosion hotspots from San Francisco down to Half Moon Bay, as well as possible response strategies.

There will be a public meeting Wednesday December 2, 6-8pm Pacifica Community Center 540 Crespi Drive.

Please come to the meeting if you can. We need help delivering the message that coastal armor and/or open ended beach replenishment are not sustainable solutions!  Please lend your support for the use of managed retreat for threatened development as well as watershed and shoreline restoration. For more info on the CRSMP see

Thanks for checking in!