Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SPUR Workshop Report

The first SPUR Workshop at the SF Zoo last Saturday went really well. Thanks to everyone who took time on a beautiful sunny morning (when the surf was firing) to attend the event and provide feedback on Ocean Beach. As promised, various representatives from key government agencies were on hand to meet the public, answer questions and take in feedback. Some great conversations were held about what should happen at Sloat as well as other issues concerning Ocean Beach. At this point, it seems a major concern The City has in embracing a Managed Retreat strategy seems to be the notion that moving the road/infrastructure may not stop the ocean from continuing to encroach. Undoubtedly such a scenario is possible, however, the other alternative- massive armoring with sand nourishment - virtually guarantees the loss of the beach and the waste of public funds when the sand is washed away. Ultimately, we believe the City has the responsibility to pick the best case scenario for both protecting its infrastructure and the beach at Sloat. We stand firm that Managed Retreat is the smartest path. Needless to say, we look forward to continuing these discussions in the months ahead and we thank the City for keeping an open mind and conducting an honest dialogue with the public on the issue.

What you can do… Please feel free to continue to write letters to the various public agencies with jurisdiction over the Sloat issue:

The wastewater infrastructure: Public Utilities Commission

The agency charged with protecting the infrastructure: SF DPW

The road: SF Park and Rec:
And SF County Transportation Authority:

The beach itself:

Special Thanks to Ben Grant for steering the SPUR process. For more information, please contact project manager Benjamin Grant
facebook: Ocean Beach Master Plan (San Francisco)
twitter: @planoceanbeach