Thursday, July 22, 2010

Important Workshop Coming this Tuesday

Hi Surfriders and Friends,

A very key PUC workshop is happening this Tuesday at SF City Hall:

The PUC is taking comment on what items should be in their 5 year Capital Improvement Projects (CIP) list for wastewater. Right now, there is nothing in their plans regarding the wastewater transport tunnel at Sloat. This is the tunnel that is driving the armoring in the area. Our chapter and friends at Save the Waves believe the transport tunnel needs to be relocated at some point in the near future to ensure restoration of the beach. We're hoping to rally as many of our supporters as possible to be there to tell the PUC that there needs to be planning for this project in their 5 Year CIP. We're asking SFPUC to recognize that the transport tunnel at Sloat is in an unsustainable location - and to make plans to remove/relocate it. The workshop is happening this coming Tuesday, July 27th City Hall Room 400 from 1-3:30pm. Anyone from the general public is welcome to attend and to provide comment.


SF Chapter Erosion Committee